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Wayne Mark Rooney

Wayne Mark Rooney; Born October 24, 1985 is an English football player currently playing as an FC striker. United in the US Elite League. He is also the historic scorer for England with 50 goals. [3]

1 His career
1.1 Beginnings
1.2 Everton
Manchester United
1.4 with the English team
2 Personal life
3 Achievements
3.1 Collective
3.2 Individual
4.1 from Rooney
4.2 About Rooney
5 Sources
6 External links
His career
The beginnings
Rooney started his career with Everton and started the youth team when he joined the team at the age of 10. He joined the youth team for years until he reached the first team. He took part in his first official meeting in 2002 and scored his first goal in the same year to become the youngest player. In the history of the English Premier League, he scored the championship and quickly became part of the team's main team. He joined the team for two seasons. Before the 2004/2005 season he moved to Manchester United in a £ 25.6 million deal. The most important players in the team, and won the team with many tournaments, Rooney started his career with England in 2003 when he took part in the 2004 European Cup, scoring the youngest scorer of the tournament and also participating in the 2006 World Cup.

Rooney's loyalty to Everton has been clear since he was on the team under the age of 17. He signed a professional contract with the team and earned £ 80 a week with his family on a weekly basis. On October 19, 2002, before Rooney was 17 at the age of five, To Arsenal, and managed to score the goal and lead his team to win, to break the team number Arsenal, the time not to lose for thirty meetings, and then the goal became the youngest player in the history of the English Premier League record, and the title that had James Milner and James Fagan in the past, after the end of the 2002/2003 season honored by s As the best young player in the championship. At the end of the 2003/2004 season, Rooney indicated that he wanted to participate in the major European tournaments, as his team finished the season before that in seventh place, and could not participate in the Union Cup, while in the following season ended The league team in the 17th position, away from the top positions.

In August 2004, the player's agent indicated that Rooney had rejected a three-year contract with a £ 12,000 salary per week, which made Manchester United and Newcastle compete for the player. The Times reported that Newcastle were very close to signing the £ 18.5 million offer, the player's agent confirmed, but the Manchester United administration entered the conflict and was able to sign the player at the end of the month with a bid of £ 25.6 million after the German administration reached an agreement with Everton management, the deal is considered the most expensive T was a deal for a player younger than 20 years, as Rooney was 18 years old when he left Everton.

Manchester United
Rooney participated in the first match with Manchester United on September 28, 2004, in a match against Fenerbahce in the Champions League. The match ended with a 6-2 win by United. Rooney scored three goals and one goal in the first In the same month, in the same Champions League, against Villarreal, Rooney was sent off after attacking the referee and beating him after a free-kick against Rooney. The referee sent Rooney away, The match ended in a goalless draw, and Ronnie's second season was a great success as he finished Season with 19 goals in 48 games. He was nominated for the Sir Matt Bazby Award for Best Player of the Year by the fans and the Young Player of the Year award by the English Association of Professional Athletes (for the second year in a row) by his fellow players in England, scoring 23 goals With the Red Devils winning the Carling Cup and the first English title three years later. His first title with Manchester United was in 2006, the tournament was the FA Cup, and in the final he faced Wigan Athletic , And the Germans managed to win the game with four goals in front After the game Rooney won the award for the best player in the game, but in the English Premier League, Rooney could not win the championship, after losing to Chelsea three goals for none of that season, and finished the season in second place, and during his first season Rooney In 43 appearances in which he scored 17 goals in all tournaments, and at the Amsterdam friendly in 2006, Rooney was sent off in a match against Porto, after Porto defender Pepe hit his wrist at that time. The FA then decided to stop the player for three Matches, and this is what the referee Rod Bousin explained in the pardon
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