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Normandy House

The Normandy family
Location Normandy
Kingdom of England
Spotted Eoo
Founder Rolo I
William II in England
The last of Stephen's rulers
Year of foundation:
End of Rule 1154
Viking assets
The daughter of the daughter of Plantagant, the daughter of Matilda's husband
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He was first ruled in France by Normandy (911-1066) and then became king and ruler of England (1066-1144). The first Duke was Rolo I. The second invader William II became King of England in 1066 under the will of the former King Edward. The Norman invasion led to the overthrow of King Harold II and became his offspring after him as King of England until 1145 on the death of William's daughter-in-law Matilda, the first queen ruled England took her son from her husband Jeffrey.

1 History
Rulers of the family
2.1 in France
2.2 in England
3 England
4 References
Rollo was a Scandinavian nobleman and a strong Viking leader who was of Norwegian or Danish origins in the 911 Rollo forces launched in a failed attack on Paris before the siege of Chartres, on 20 July 911, at the Battle of Chartres, they defeated Rolo despite the absence of many French barons And the absence of the French King Charles the Simple, a treaty was made between him and the king where Rolo gave allegiance to the king and the role of the king gave him the feudalism in northern France called Normandy region where according to the treaty defended the banks of the River Seine converted to Christianity and changed his name after baptism to Ruberot did not stop The attacks being like the Viking President he launched Attacks on the Flanders' Voyage (located today are all approximated in "Belgium") in 911, continued with the capture of Bessin in 924, married Bapu of Bayoux, who was baptized by William I Duke of Normandy and also married by Gisella, the daughter of French king Charles Simple but not followed.

In the reign of Richard I, the Duke of Normandy seized the grandson of Rollo and in the days of King Louis IV of France, he divided the land, giving Lower Normandy to Hugh the Great, son Rupprot I of France. The king made him in prison but survived with the help of a friend. He allied with Norman and Vikings, He returned to Normandy and married Emma, ​​the eldest daughter of Hugh, but died without being followed. Then he married Johora, a Viking, and was succeeded by Richard II Duke of Normandy, the grandfather of William the Conqueror and Emma Normandy, who was married to Ethelred Unreidy, to After the rise of Edward, he succeeded his half-brother Hardikanut, the son of the Danish Ghanut Kanout the Great Son of Forkybird Sween in 1042, but died in 1066 without being followed by the creation of a conflict between Ibn Harold II and his relatives William II Duke of Normandy But in the end, King Harold II died in one of the battles and declared the end of the Anglo-Saxon rule of England and rose to William II the rule of England and the founder of a new house governing England and his successor, Henry III and Henry first became sons of Matilda and William Adeline, the legitimate descendants of William the Conqueror, but his son, William III, died in a disaster and his mother, Stephen, overcame him but was able to overcome him with the help of her second husband Jeffrey, the Duke of Normandy. For centuries (1154-1855).

Rulers of the family
in France
They ruled the family, which is a Viking origin of French descent, Normandy, Belgian Flanders and Eau between the years 911-1066 and the capital of Rouen.

Name and duration of the throne Image of the husband's death Death of his successor (Ha)
Rolo I, Duke of Normandy Between 911-927 Rollo statue in falaise.JPG 846 Twice married Bupa of Bayoux and Gisela of France 927 son
William I, Duke of Normandy Between 927-942 William Longsword statue in falaise.JPG 900 Lengard of Fermandois 17 December 942 Son
Richard I, Duke of Normandy Between 942-997 Richar fearless statue in falaise.jpg August 28, 1933 Married twice from Emma from France and Sonora son 942
Richard II Duke of Normandy Between 966-1027 Richard good statue in falaise.JPG August 3, 978 Judith of Brittany June 26, 1830 His son
Richard III, Duke of Normandy in 1027 Richard trois statue in falaise.JPG 1001 Adele from France 3 February 1027 Brother
Robert I Duke of Normandy Between 1027-1035 Robert Magnificent statue in falaise.JPG June 22 1000 Herliva of Valleys July 3, 1035 son
William II, Duke of Normandy Between 1035-1066 William I, Lichfield Cathedral.jpg 1028 Matilda of Flanders - King of England [1]
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