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Bentley Molsan

British Bentley has launched its all-new car and the Faraha Mulsan in 2010. The luxury sedan is a luxury sedan with many features and features on the world's most luxurious interior and exterior. High performance and mighty. The new Bentley Mulsan exterior features a sleek and elegant design, with a chrome front grille and LED Daylight BAY Xenon lights, a large shock absorber with a large mesh air hole, And back to integrate with long-tail LED lights with high-performance LEDs, and with the exhaust shock that contains long exhausters on both ends. The Bentley Mulsan interior has luxurious and modern touches that reflect Bentley's concept of luxury. The Molsan has been fitted with large, clear counters surrounded by high quality wood and a multifunctional leather steering wheel that enables you to control the audio system, calls and many other functions while driving. It also has a large, elegant centerpiece with a large touch-screen display, music control buttons, a climate control system, car tuning settings and functions,

Bentley Continental GTC
After Bentley launched the second generation Continental GT in 2011, it launched a convertible version in 2012 called Continental GTC, where the letter (C) to the literal (GT), which symbolizes the word "Convertible" means convertible. The Bentley Continental GTC exterior features a sleek sporty design, with an eight-color retractable roof that can be opened and closed up to 32 km / h in 25 seconds, a chrome front grille, Equipped with LED daytime technology, as well as a large shock absorber with three large mesh air outlets to deliver more air to the engine.

The GTC side lines are traversed to the rear with the swivel wing wings and integrated with the single rear lights with high-performance LED, and the sports shock, which has two lateral exhausters on either side. The interior of the Bentley Continental GTC is characterized by detail and touches of luxurious leather and high quality wood decorating this luxurious cabin. GTC has large, clear wooden enclosures with a small display screen, as well as a multifunctional leather steering wheel that enables you to control the audio system, Speed ​​and many other functions while driving and provided the Bentley Continental GTC with electrically controlled leather seats, as well as providing them with heating, cooling and massage. The GTC sports a luxurious, elegant centerpiece with a gauze

R-Type Continental 1955
The R-Type was the best example of British luxury cars in the 1950s and the first Continental car. (R-Type) was the production of the second (Bentley) after World War II, which came to replace the model (Mark 4). Despite its symmetrical design in all its versions, each car has unique specifications in detail. Unlike almost all cars in that period, the Continental had an entirely aluminum exterior.
All R-Type models used a straight six-cylinder iron engine with aluminum heads fitted with two SU-type carbons. The primary engine was a 4.6 liter engine plus another larger diameter engine with a total capacity of 4.9 liters.
The car was fitted with a four-speed manual transmission as a basic specification and a four-speed automatic transmission available as an additional specification. Only 207 vehicles were made from the car.
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