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and non-Bavarian in Germany .. Bayern Munich hero of the league for the sixth time in the end

It is not the Bavarian team in Germany. Bayern Munich are the champions of the German league for the sixth time in a row

Bayern beat Ojsborg with four goals in the 29th round of the Bundesliga to end the competition with five rounds.

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Ujsberg, the home side, advanced early in the 18th minute after defender Nicolas Sol made a mistake.

The Bavarians then scored four consecutive goals through Corinthen Toliso, James Rodriguez, Arjen Robben and Sanro Wagner in the 32nd, 38th, 62nd and 87th minutes.

The Bavarian side has secured a 28-year-old Bundesliga berth after a run-off with Schalke 04, leaving them with 20 points and six matches remaining.

Bayern reached the 72nd point, winning 23 matches in three and losing like them.

Bayern began the season wobbly under coach Carlo Ancelotti before being sacked after the defeat of Paris Saint-Germain trio in the group stage of the Champions League.

The trio, Yup Hynix, came back in 2013, returning from retirement to lead the team to the podium as the semi-final of the Champions League drew close after beating Sevilla 2-1 in the quarter-finals.

The Bundesliga do not know a rival to Bayern in recent years and the Bavarian will now take part in the European competition and the German Cup, which reached the semi-finals in the face of Bayer Leverkusen.

The sixth title is a record, with no team winning more than three times.

Arjen Robben has become the most prolific Dutch player in history, surpassing the legendary Yuan Cruyff in a championship after reaching the No. 11 championship.

7 tournaments in Germany, a championship in Spain, two tournaments in England and a tournament in the Netherlands.
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